It was always my fathers ideal to provide a range of bakery and confectionery products second to none and because of this he had the respect of all within the trade. We have been, and always will be, committed to the same ideals and if for any reason you, the customer feel we have not achieved this aim, whether it be product quality or the standard of service we ask you to let us know immediately so we can rectify the problem.

Only if we know the problem can we improve. We are always striving to offer what our customers want. We will never subscribe to the idea that mechanisation is best, we are a family business run by Master Bakers, not by accountants financial considerations.

We know investment in people and craft training is the only way to produce the quality products we believe you want.We firmly believe that the term ‘FRESH’ should and can only apply to goods ‘FRESHLY’ baked that same day and should not be used for goods just because a sticky label says their ‘sell by date’ has not expired.

We firmly believe the mass production manner in which many goods are produced now has lowered the general food standards in this and many other countries considerably. It is a fact that feeding an herbivorous animal meat products caused the outbreak of ‘Mad Cow Disease’ just to make the selling price of meat products cheaper. No Master Butcher or quality farmer would ever have allowed this to happen but for the financial pressures brought on by the major buying groups within this country. It became a compete or die situation for them.

We firmly believe the use of massed produced bread as loss leaders in many supermarkets should be illegal, as it is in many E.E.C. countries as it is constraint of trade, and, at the end of the day are we going to see another food scare brought on by only financial not quality considerations. We will never go down this road and have the advantage that nobody produces our bread and confectionery because it is lovingly produced by our own hands not a massive metal monstrosity!.

We use the best ingredients available, we never cut corners . All our bakery products are made by ourselves, from scratch using the finest ingredients.

Only 100% quality beef and pork goes to produce our range of pies and savouries, not some unrecognisable cut from an unknown region!

In return we ask you to support local tradesman, we need to ensure quality does not die out and the High Street survives.


Sextons Bakery Lymm

Sextons of Lymm was established in 1969 and is now owned and run by Philip Sexton, the fifth generation to continue in the bakery trade, and his wife Sara Sexton.

We retail in two locations, Lymm and Penketh and also supply outside catering for all types of functions.

Philip has tried to maintain the high standards set by his father Sydney, and we have always believed in moving with the times and so we always try to be innovative whilst maintaining traditional values in product and service.

Sextons Bakery Penketh

During the years of trading since 1969 there have been many changes the last being the inclusion of a coffee shop and deli range.

We have just had a refit with new flooring, counters and signage to push us into the next decade.

We provide hot toasties and Breakfast Barms to complement our existing hot and cold sandwich range, with hot soups and casseroles also always available.