Tuesday October 17th 2017

Today's Specials

Pea and Ham Soup


Chilli with Rice


Broccoli and Blue Cheese.


Sextons Bakery History

Earliest recollections go back to the early 18th Century to my great great grandmother who had a small corner shop typical of that era selling all sorts of consumables and, with the aid of a brick built natural fuel fired oven, use to bake her own bread to retail. This shop then passed down to my great grandmother who continued to bake her own bread.

This picture is actually of 3 generations of the Sexton family, my great grandmother, my grandfather Thomas and my late father, Sydney as a babe in arms. This picture dates back to around 1925.

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Our Commitment To Quality

It was always my fathers ideal to provide a range of bakery and confectionery products second to none and because of this he had the respect of all within the trade. We have been, and always will be, committed to the same ideals and if for any reason you, the customer feel we have not achieved this aim, whether it be product quality or the standard of service we ask you to let us know immediately so we can rectify the problem.


Over the years since 1969 we have steadily invested in the Bakery. Initially it used to surround the retail area, the retail area was only around 15% of the size it is now.

We kept expanding the retail area while moving the production into the basement, which is around the same size as the retail area, this required the removal of several walls and a lot of structural work being undertaken both in the Retail area as you see it now and the Basement Bakery.

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We produce a very extensive range of confectionery for every occasion, whether it’s a fresh cream cake or a Danish pastry to go with your lunch, or a fancy cake to enjoy with a cup of tea while relaxing at home or a large celebration cake for a Birthday or Wedding or any reason you can think of, we can fulfil your wishes. We have a range of literally hundreds of different items to tempt you.

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After the initial major shopfit we undertook we decided to introduce a delicatessen counter which we felt would complement our range of homemade artisan products.

We specialise in the Best of British cheeses mainly from local suppliers where possible, but we of course stock the must have foreign lines as well along with Cooked Meats, Olives and a Large range of Condiments.

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“Brilliant village baker, deli and cafe”

I love this village bakers/café, great service and selection of fresh baked breads, pies and cakes. The deli offering is small but a great selection of cheeses, olives, cold meats, specialist crisps/crackers etc. The bakers itself is well established with delicious cakes & pies and various fresh bread/rolls etc. The café is excellent with a … Continued

Terry Baker

“Adore this place!”

Every time I go it’s just as lovely. Friendly staff, excellent food, even better prices! I must whilst in Lymm. Can’t wait for my next cheeky visit.

Terry Baker
Sextons Bakery